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Rockingham Western Australia

Pink and Sand Dollars

This rose pink sand dollar is rarely seen.Body diameter 4-6cm. Somewhat pentagonal rather than circular. On the upperside it is thick at the edges and at the centre.

Cape Peron Tourist Precinct Project

A marina based tourist development at Mangles Bay has been a long held vision of the Rockingham community. Full Story | video Video

Lake Cooloongup Western Australia

Lake Cooloongup dominates the Eastern portion of Cooloongup. Full Story | video Video

I rifled muzzle loading 7-inch naval gun

Shipped from England in 1881 onboard the ship Suffolk for use as a coastal defence. Full Story | video Video

Penguin Island Ferry

A 5 minute ferry ride is all it takes to meet the world's smallest penguins! Full Story | video Video


Wild Life

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Large Toothed Flounder

Large-tooth flounders are a family, Paralichthyidae, of flounders. They lie on the sea bed on their right side; both eyes are on the left side of the head, while the Pleuronectidae are the opposite with their eyes on the right side.

They are found...

Southern Eagle Ray

The Southern Eagle Ray has a blunt snout and eyes on the sides of the head. The species occurs in temperate waters of southern Australia and possibly New Zealand. Identification The Southern Eagle Ray has a blunt snout and eyes on the sides of the head. The...

Australian Sea lion

Sea-lions are 'pinnipeds', which means 'fin foot', like seals. They are not fish, but are marine mammals. They are able to swim in extremely cold water.

Sea-lions and fur seals are similar, and are in a family known as 'eared seals'. Unlike the 'earless...



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Rockingham Jetty

Straight of the beach, there is a deli located opp side of road, its on the same road as the wreck trail. The best part of this jetty is the collasped section, which drops down to 18mts, the other sections have the problem of decades of fihermen-the lost lines...

Kwinana Beach Jetty

Kwinana Beach Jetty off Rockingham Rd (just after CBH and just before CSBP) Kwinana Beach Jetty has great access (good parking) and the jetty is well known for good fishing for smaller species such as gardies, herring, yellow-eyed mullet, whiting and tailor. Kwinana...

Mersey Point Jetty

Mersey Point jetty also known as Pengo's Jetty The ferry leaves from the Mersey Point jetty  on the hour from 9am to 3pm (September to May) returning every hour from 10am to 4pm.  Park in the car park along Arcadia Drive.  Contact Penguin and Seal Island...


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