Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Palm Beach Rockingham Western Australia


Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the cream of beaches down here. You would say to live across the road from Palm Beach you would have to have a ton of cash. All the houses along here are in between one to three story and have a style of their own.

Palm Beach is packed at the summer time with heaps to do, yacht sailing can be done here along with many other things as playing sport, Fishing, Boating, or just lying around in the sun, the beach it self doesn't have a lot of sand dunes but has access to barbecues, change rooms, boating ramps, jetty access, and a few others, there is heaps of room to park your car and boat at Palm Beach so you shouldn't have any problems gaining access to the boat ramps.

A lot of kids hang around down here as well because of the jetty, fishing is known to good here as well, late at night is the best time for fishing around here. From Palm Beach you can see Garden Island and the Causeway as well. I believe it's one of the best views of Garden Island unless your'e on a boat.

To get to Palm Beach to have to drive along The Esplanade which runs beside the beach it self. The best way to access Palm is from Val Street Rockingham or from the end of Safety Bay Road in Peron which is one of Rockingham suburbs.


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