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Carlisle Castle 1889


Carlisle Castle 1889

The Carlisle Castle was built in London and was due to arrive in Fremantle in July 1899. On July 11th a force 10 Westerly storm swept through the area creating treacherous conditions. Popular belief is that with such a heavy load the ship sunk immediately on contact with the reef, and the crew of about 25 went down with the ship. A monument for the victims was erected at Fremantle Cemetery.

The Carlisle Castle, is a 1484-ton iron barque was built in London in 1868. The wrecking occurred at night during a violent storm when the breakers of the Coventry Reef could not be seen. The ship went down quickly. There were no survivors and between 21 and 25 lives were lost. This is a very popular dive on the northern end of Coventry Reef.

Research by students from Rockingham Senior High School

Recreational dive information: The wreck site rests on the western side of Coventry Reef, at the northern end, 6.4 kilometres south-west of Rockingham and 3.2 kilometres west of Penguin Island., Max Depth 6.9 metres. Visibility unknown, approximate position is GPS: S 32°20.1060, E 115°37.9860


Divers Flag

Any boat with divers operating from it must always display signals by day or night to inform other boat users. visit iMarine for more information.

Recreational fishing information: Fishing is unknown around this wreck, please re frame from dropping your anchor on to the wreck, help preserve the wreck by doing the right thing


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