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Chalmers 1874


Chalmers 1874

Chalmers British barque, 606 tons. Built 1851. Lbd 132.3 x 30 x 20.5 ft. Struck on Murray Reef south of Garden Island, WA, and became a total wreck, 19 March 1874. The wreck was located in 1975. Launch Scuttled, 1975. She was suspected of drug running.

The Chalmers was built in the UK in 1851. It was a wooden three-masted barque of 600 tons. The ship ran aground on the Sisters Reef on the 19"' of March 1874 when the captain was attempting a run through the South Passage. He mistakenly believed he saw the Fremantle lighthouse which was actually a bushfire. The captain's licence was cancelled indefinitely even after an appeal. The wreck lies 800 metres south of the Sisters Rocks.

Research by students from Rockingham Senior High School

Recreational dive information: The wreck site of Chalmers is located in Warnbro Sound near the southern end of Sisters Reef, approximately 2.6 kilometres west of Becher Point and 1.4 kilometres south of Sisters Rocks. It is located on the inshore side of a breaking reef, Max Depth 6.2 metres. Visibility unknown, approximate position is GPS: S 32°22.1000, E 115°41.3600


Divers Flag

Any boat with divers operating from it must always display signals by day or night to inform other boat users. visit iMarine for more information.

Recreational fishing information: Fishing is unknown around this wreck, please re frame from dropping your anchor on to the wreck, help preserve the wreck by doing the right thing


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