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Amur 1887


Amur 1887

This 236-ton composite barque drifted ashore at Rockingham in gale force winds on the 17" March 1887. The vessel's construction with iron frames, iron beams, wooden planking and yellow-metal fastenings represented the evolution from wooden to composite vessels. This wreck can be visited by beach goers.

Research by students from Rockingham Senior High School

Recreational dive information: The site lies between Weld and Roe streets, south of Kwinana Grain Jetty, North Rockingham Beach. It is approximately 50 metres south of where Weld Street connects with the beach front between the high and low water mark, approximate position is GPS: S 32°15.8340, E 115°6230


Divers Flag

Any boat with divers operating from it must always display signals by day or night to inform other boat users. visit iMarine for more information.

Recreational fishing information: Fishing is unknow around this wreck, please re frame from dropping your anchor on to the wreck, help preserve the wreck by doing the right thing


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