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Fishing Tips and Reports

Fishing Tips and Reports

Fishing Reports, here is were you will find all reports for the local area, reports come from local tackle stores, Fishing Western Australia,, Hot Bite,, Western Angler Fishing, ABC Fishing Reports, and local members to

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More fish species for Rockingham Western Australia will be added at a later date  10 species of fish are now listed


Fishing Tips

Here is a list of basic fishing tips

  • Bait, Baiting, How to Bait UP
    Bait, Baiting up or know how to bait up is not an easy job, it's not just throwing bait on the hook and go for it, it takes skill and the know how to rig up your bait so it stays on and it looks right to the fish your after, yer that's right, buying bait is also knowing what to get for the fish your after, best baits are allways best fresh caught straight out of the water and live if possiable, bait can allso be brought from many tackle stores around Rockingham Western Australia, allways ask the store owner on whats biting and what bait is best used. I will try and offer more reports of fish been caught around Rockingham Western Australia, Happy Fishing, Please remember to send us your fishing reports..
  • Fishing Rigs, How to Rig UP
    Fishing rigs and setting setup to fish, this can be a real pain if you don't know what your doing, rigging up is not easy specially for those that don't know what to do, I would start by doing research on the internet for what fish your after along with what rig you will need to catch that fish, trust me it works, head over to one of Rockingham Western Australia fishing tackle stores and ask your questions, be carefull on what your buying their are so many different, hooks, sinkers, lures and fishing gear you can buy, I will try and offer more tips and clues to help you catch fish around Rockingham Western Australia..
  • Fish Species
    Fish species can be viewed at the top of the page, we have listed a few that are caught around Rockingham Western Australia, be sure to come back as more fish species will be added to our species tab, all fish species will contain a web link to wikipedia one of the largest encyclopedias on the internet today, if you wish to add information on any of the fish species around Rockingham Western Australia be sure to send it in to us.
  • Where to Fish
    Where to fish, Rockingham Western Australia has some of the best beaches in Perth and is host to many fish at the right times, be sure to check the weather and tide times and this will increase your catch, fishing jetties and local beaches are all part of the skill on where to catch fish, places to try are local reefs, jetties, beaches and hide away spots, local tackle stores and fishing web sites like fishing western australia and have many reports on Rockingham Fishing and where to fish for them, hop on over the links area under the home tab for members web sites that contain local fishing information


    Fishing Western Australia

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    Fish Wrecked

    Welcome to, hope you enjoy our Western Australian fishing website. We have fishing movies and videos featuring jigging, bottom bouncing and trolling.

    Boating Tips

    Here is a list of boat fishing tips
  • Boat Fishing
    Boat fishing opens up a whole new world to fish, tons of different places to try but no enough time, boating can be fun but how ever can be very dangerous so be careful out there on the open water.Be sure you have your fishing licence with you  and boating licence when boating around Rockingham Western Australia, regular checks of licences are happening more often now days.

  • Fishing Reports
    Eric and Annette Maddock of West Coast Tackle in Rockingham. has been kind enough to email us over the past few years with local reports from him self and local fishermen,As far as I know West Coast is NO longer there, we will miss Eric, most of the reports you will read are from him or his staff at West Coast Tackle..
  • image

    West Coast Tackle

    Reports bought to you by Eric Maddock from West Coast Tackle in Kent street Rockingham, ( Eric's store is NO longer there. ) work sucks Im goin fishinâ„¢


    Online Gallery

  • Fishing Gallery
    The fishing gallery will host some of the best images given to us by locals and members of fishing western australia and a big thank you to all that have email me over the past with fish images
  • Members will soon be able to upload images! Launch the Fishing Gallery Site now! (Requires Plugins/Flash)


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