Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Large Toothed Flounder

Large-tooth flounders are a family, Paralichthyidae, of flounders.

They lie on the sea bed on their right side; both eyes are on the left side of the head, while the Pleuronectidae are the opposite with their eyes on the right side.

They are found in temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Flounders can be found all most any where around Rockingham Western Australia, most catches come from the Southern Flats where we caught ours a few years back, Flounder will take allmost any bait and make a good feed if you know how to fillet the things, Its not easy, Use a wide gap hook on a running sinker setup and you show be find, try looking around the sand areas in between the weed and near the drops off's near blinkie bill

During summer spawning flounder are found in shallow water on sandbanks and close to shore. In winter reside in deeper waters. Most flounder are taken at night. They lie on the bottom buried under the sand with only their eyes protruding. Bottom fishing from a drifting boat across the sand flats is productive. Trolling lures along the bottom can be successful.

The catch by caught by Kylie Leslie of Rockingham Western Australia, Image taken by Karl Knight


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